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We are a privately owned licensed association that specializes in providing assistance to prospective partners of global educational institutes. With our immense knowledge, expertise, analytical skills, and global network of clients, we establish and strengthen the bonds of partnership between world's leading universities, educational institutes and consultancy providers.

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If you are an educational institute, college or school, you can benefit from our partnership program in the following ways;

  • Start the registration process by filling simple online application form.
  • Don't pay any start up or registration free.
  • Get evaluated for partnership for free.
  • Become eligible to distribute the certificates and degrees of globally recognized and accredited international online universities.
  • Get benefited from Ed-Collaborate highly effective Co-Branding programs with top global educational institutions and enhance the credibility, growth, reach and reputation of your own institution.
  • Increase or create your presence on the web
  • Access the online clientele
  • Increase your student enrollment
  • Increase your credibility and the acceptability of your qualifications.
  • Increase your brand affiliation by partnering with globally recognized universities and schools.
  • Increase your revenues by enrolling higher number of students.

And in order to achieve all of the above, you do not have to;

  • Sign any contract or agree to a minimum student enrollment.
  • Pay any joining fee or a fee any time you want to separate from the program.

So what are you waiting for?

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Ed-Collaborate - The Global

A regional college was having trouble increasing their student enrollment and attracting a good student base because of lack of international recognition for their degree. Many of their prospective students decided not to join the program because the degree on offer was not globally recognized and acceptable in all countries.

When one of the administration officials from the college found Ed-Collaborate and through Ed-Collaborate, partnered with a leading online globally recognized and accredited university, the enrollment to the college suddenly increased. The regional institute added to their credentials and credibility and the degrees they offered were now acceptable internationally. This also added to the brand recognition of the regional university. The online university gave the students the opportunity to have their credentials verified online without any hassle and within virtual seconds if any employer required so. The certification from the online university also helped the regional college increase their credibility and attract a more promising student base.

Any educational institute, college or school looking for international recognition can now avail this benefit through Ed-Collaborate. Don't wait.

Disclaimer: This account is a fictional reconstruction and does not relate to any actual events or institutions

Consultants available 24X7
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