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We are a privately owned licensed association that specializes in providing assistance to prospective partners of global educational institutes. With our immense knowledge, expertise, analytical skills, and global network of clients, we establish and strengthen the bonds of partnership between world's leading universities, educational institutes and consultancy providers.

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If you are an educational consultant or agent the benefits of joining ed-collaborate are numeours. Following is a list of some of the benefits you can immediately obtain by joining ed-collaborate.

  • Register online by filling a simple form.
  • Master the program easily by using our toolkit.
  • Increase your credibility by obtaining registration certification from ed-collaborate and partner global institutes.
  • Increase your clientele by offering them degree programs of leading online global institutes in their region.
  • Increase your profits by enrolling more and more clients to our partner universities.
  • Obtain leads for further clietele by enrolling more students.

All of this for;

  • No upfront payment
  • No Initial Contracts
  • No minimum enrollment requirement
  • No separation fee or charges.

So what are you waiting for?

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Ed-Collaborate - The Global

Mark had been working for a while as an independent educational consultant. While he had a vast knowledge and understanding of the educational systems of foreign universities and could guide his students in detail about the procedures for obtaining degrees from internationally recognized schools, he didn't have registration from any international universities which could establish his credentials and authenticity. This was affecting his business.

By registering with Ed-Collaborate, Mark obtained a certification from a partner online university that assured he's clientele that he's the real deal. This gave him to flexibility to cater to all his student’s needs by offering them different types of programs. The impact on his business was immediate as he saw his business bloom and his profits increase by the day. Eventually using his designated area, he was also able to register other educational consultants in his region. This meant that he was now able to earn profits even as commission on other agents work and his revenues increased as the universities he was associated with naturally gained a footing in his region.

Now you too can enjoy the benefits of partnering with global, online universities as an agent or consultant.

Disclaimer: This is a sample narrative for your guidance only and must not be construed as an actual event.

Consultants available 24X7
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